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Traveling With Your Pet

International Travel 

If you are planning or considering International travel with your pet it is important that you start the process early.  Some countries require testing that needs to be done at a specific time.  Starting early and working with your veterinarian will make your travel or move less stressful.

Each country has specific requirements that must be met and it is important to get current information from the US Department of Agriculture.  Some areas such as Great Britain are rabies free and the requirements are very strict and can take several months of preparation.  The USDA also has an Animal Welfare page that lists Tips, Facts and Scam Information For You and Your Pet.

The last step in the International Health Certificate process is to schedule an appointment with the USDA in Lakewood, Colorado for final approval.  This cannot be done until all the paperwork has been faxed to the USDA from your veterinarian’s office.  Once approved, you will then need to call the USDA to schedule your appointment so that they can endorse your original documents.

The Labradorables bound for Hawai'i!

The Labradorables bound for Hawai’i!

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel will require a Health Certificate from your veterinarian within ten days of travel.  For travel to Hawai‘i (rabies free area) allow ample time for rabies titer testing. This test can take 4 to 6 weeks for the results. Visit the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture website for more information.

Please feel free to call us with any questions that you have on traveling with your pet.